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Acutually, You can build your own Extension. Here is the Extension interface!

export abstract class Extension {
  constructor(props: ExtensionProps) {}

  name: string

  customName?: string

  schema?: ExtensionSchema

  customSchema?: ExtensionSchema

  schemaDependencies?: {
    [key: string]: ExtensionSchema;

  customProps?: {
    [key: string]: any;

  tagName?: string

  className?: string

  customMenu?({ state: EditorState, dispatch: Dispatch }): JSX.Element

  customInlineMenu?({ state: EditorState, dispatch: Dispatch }): JSX.Element

  customLayout?(props: CustomLayoutProps, dom: HTMLElement): JSX.Element

  customButton?({ state: EditorState, dispatch: Dispatch }): JSX.Element

  customIcon?: JSX.Element | string

  icon?: JSX.Element | string

  plugins?: Plugin<any, any>[]

  showMenu: boolean

  hideMenuOnFocus?: boolean

  hideBlockMenuOnFocus?: boolean

  hideInlineMenuOnFocus?: boolean

  group?: string

  // "edit" | "mark" | "block"
  view?(node: Node, view: EditorView, getPos: () => number): NodeView

  active?(state: EditorState): boolean

  enable?(state: EditorState): boolean

  onClick?(state: EditorState, dispatch: Dispatch, view?: EditorView): void

  keys?(schema: Schema): { [key: string]: any }

  btnColor?: 'black' | 'white'


SmartBlock deeply depends on ProseMirror, so You may also want to know about ProseMirror to


Usage, introduction of other functions, component introduction etc.
are described in detail in the document.

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A modern block styled editor built with React.
SmartBlock is provided with MIT license. Made by @appleple ♥ OSS